Dandruff & Your health

Whilst studies have been undertaken, there is nothing that actually proves dandruff is related to your overall health. Personally I believe the causes of dandruff are pretty clear and the evidence is there to support it. I would argue that good health can prevent dry skin, and this is one cause of dandruff. However I think beauty and health are generally two different issues, and even if they are somewhat related, we shouldn’t tackle them as one.shampoo

When we consider the causes and how to prevent dandruff, I would agree that focusing on grooming habits, hair care products  and how to prevent an oily and dry scalp are the best way to tackle the issue. General health is a valid argument. Because a healthy immune system aims to prevent a range of issues with our bodies. However if you want to know how to get rid of dandruff then you should speak with your doctor and visit leading resources on the issue.

A popular argument is that limiting sugar can help to get rid of dandruff. The argument here is that a high sugar diet can spike or stimulate hormones which will then lead to more output of oil. And we all know that oily skin can cause dandruff right? Limiting sugar (depending on your diet), certainly may be good for you. However as of today’s date, I have not seen any definitive study on how this changes the health of your hair or scalp. The same thing goes for eating enough fruit and vegetables. It is true that not enough fruit and veggies may lead to poor digestion. And in turn, poor digestion can cause skin issues. However we could really draw this kind of bow for a range of things. E.g. doing “x”, leads to “y”, which may then cause “z” to happen.

So how should we combat dandruff then? I would suggest following the simple tips suggested such as using the right shampoo, researching some popular home remedies, and the if this has still failed consult your doctor. I’m sure there probably is some links between health and dandruff, the argument is certainly valid. However I think the approach of “well just get your overall health right and you will resolve all these other issues” is not the greatest way to tackle things.

Your diet might help your hair, but we shouldn’t say with any certainty that a healthy diet is a leading prevention of hair and scalp issues such dandruff.
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